Meet Us

Seward Smiles

Our Dental Care Team

Greetings from (perhaps) the happiest dental care office on earth! (We’re not positive about the “earth” part, but we certainly are happy!) This may sound strange, but our team’s primary goal is to have fun. We always strive to provide a cheerful environment, while offering the best dental care possible. To achieve these objectives, our dental care patients must be relaxed, comfortable and happy, too. Even one unhappy patient means an unhappy office, and we can’t abide by that. Our office’s motto is; “Dentistry shouldn’t be scary. Be nice, don’t hurt anyone, don’t make anyone uncomfortable and the patients will appreciate our service.” We understand that receiving dental care is difficult for the great majority of patients because of fear, or the idea of a painful experience.

So, how do we turn the fearful into the cheerful, and thus achieve our goals? By carefully listening to your fears and desires. By applying a cherry-flavored gel to numb your gums, so injections, given slowly and gently, don’t hurt. By offering conscious sedation (where Halcion, AKA Triazolam is used to make you relaxed and create amnesia so you probably won’t remember), should you desire. By promising to instantly stop care when you tell us. In short, by each of us focusing all of our attention and effort on our patients’ well being and happiness. Our mission, in all, is to keep our patients smiling a happy, healthy smile.

Providing a Serene Dental Office Environment

You will find that our dental office is designed for patient comfort in our ongoing effort to decrease stress associated with dental treatment. The dental exam rooms are large with windows to draw in the ambient outdoor light. During any dental procedure, you are invited to watch the television above the patient chair. We love listening to soothing and pleasant music during dental exams as well. During sedation dentistry appointments you are given a pillow and blanket to wrap up in and get comfortable. Overall, you’ll feel more like you’re at home than at the dentist!

Using the Most Technologically Advanced Dental Equipment

Our dental office is outfitted with the greatest, most convenient dental technology available to provide more dental treatment options for the patient. For example, laser dentistry is an advancement that allows us to treat a wide variety of dental conditions in new and improved ways. Tissues heal faster, bacterial levels remain lower, and ulcers clear up in a fraction of the time with the aid of our dental laser..

Digital dental x-rays, like digital cameras, have become the industry standard imaging platform. Digital dental x-rays are faster, much higher resolution, and provide dental treatment insights that are impossible otherwise. We love to show our patients digital x-rays of their teeth to bring to life the diagnosis and treatment options we can provide.

These are only a few examples of our high-tech dental tools at our disposal. Seward Smiles continuously stays on the cutting edge of dental technology to ensure that all dental procedures are done in the most skillful and efficient way.