First Visit

Seward Smiles

First Dental Exam at Seward Smiles

Thank you for choosing Seward Smiles for your dental care needs. Our dentists help you attain peace of mind regarding dental visits by providing an initial dental consultation to collaborate and find a dental treatment goal that meets your family’s needs and budget. Our dental care staff also specializes in sedation dentistry options for dental patients who might have strong anxiety about getting dental work done.

What to Expect at Your First Visit to Seward Smiles

During your first dental consultation, our dental care team’s objective is to get to know our patients better, become familiar with past dental experiences, and to establish a dental treatment plan that will best meets the patient’s current desires. We ask that you arrive ten minutes early for your first visit and please be prepared to complete all health insurance and new patient forms if you have not already printed and filled them out in the comfort of your own home or through our patient portal.

What to Bring to Your First Seward Smiles Appointment:

  • If you have dental insurance, please bring your insurance card. This will enable us to give you an estimate of your costs.
  • Your state ID or equivalent.
  • A great attitude to discuss your teeth and dental needs. If you are coming in for a problem tooth or other specific dental issue, bring as much information with you as possible.

Our Comprehensive Dental Exams

Your initial dental exam will last approximately one hour, giving our dentist enough time to update your dental x-rays and to perform a thorough and comprehensive dental exam which included a thorough dental cleaning. Current and updated dental x-rays allow the dentist to examine your mouth for teeth decay, periodontal problems, jaw problems and any signs of oral cancer. These diagnostic records will help your dentist provide a comprehensive dental health evaluation, outlining any existing dental problems and proposed dental treatment. We encourage you to ask our dental staff questions, let us know what you want us to do for you, and tell us what you expect.

Open Communication with Dental Patients

At Seward Smiles, we believe that superior dental care begins with open communication. This is what sets us apart from our competition. We promise to speak candidly with you about our diagnosis and recommendations, any alternative dental treatments, and any symptoms present that may require treatment from a dental specialist. Working together, we can achieve a true partnership, with one common goal – keeping your smile beautiful and your teeth, gums and jaw joints healthy!

Contact Seward Smiles in today to schedule your initial dental consultation and exam, and stop dreading the dentist. We will make your dental experience something to look forward to!